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2019 Ensemble Studio Competition - Oct 30, 2019

What an amazing night. Seven finalists from across the country were selected from over 100 applicants to compete in the Canadian Opera Company's Ensemble Studio Competition. Winners received cash prizes, performance opportunities, and a select few may be invited to join the prestigious Ensemble Studio.

It was a great night, all in support of the future of young Canadian artists and I'm so happy that I had an opportunity to add to the magic of the evening.

This year's competition featured a video for each finalist, introducing them to the audience. It was a ton of work on a tight deadline! I filmed interviews and coachings with each finalist on Saturday and had to have them all edited by Sunday night.

Here's a clip from First Prize winner AND Audience Choice winner Midori Marsh's video:

Another personal milestone that came out of this competition was a feature video highlighting last year's competition winners. This 9-minute mini-documentary was the largest project I've ever worked on, featuring weeks of filming interviews and b-roll. This was also my first venture with Adobe After Effects - I think the transitions and name cards add so much to these videos. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Check it out:

Now when someone says, "Can you put together a 9-minute mini-documentary?" I can say, "Yes... yes I can."

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